Hail, brave warrior, Nigel the Noble!

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The proudly defiant motto of former chemistry teacher Nigel Oldfield's OSC website is "Always winning". The mission statement is "Enabling the rights, legal entitlements and safety of all, regardless of history". A glance at the topics covered reveals that minor attraction is clearly a major concern.

It is ironic, then, that the most recent report at OSC is about someone losing, not winning; someone whose rights have not been enabled and who has plainly been unsafe. It is a post telling us about a registered sex offender, injured when he was attacked at work with a hammer, being denied entitlement to workers' compensation benefits.

Even more ironic is the latest news, which is about Nigel himself. You'll find it in the Daily Mail but not at OSC. The Mail reported last week that around 100 people gathered outside his home near Rotherham after learning that this "convicted paedophile" had been living in the neighbourhood for 18 months. The mob "smashed down doors and ransacked the rented property before police were alerted and drove the 54-year-old away", eye-witnesses reportedly said. [...]

And never was it more ballsy than in his reported reaction to the mob gathered at his home. Did he make himself scarce? Did he get the hell out of it or lock himself in the bathroom, as most of us would surely have tried to do?

No way! He came out fighting! Wielding "a length of wood", presumably to defend himself, he sallied forth, taunting the crowd! Inevitably, he was then attacked; but even that failed to shut him up. A witness was reported as saying "He must be used to getting a beating because I could hear him shouting 'is that all you've got?' "

Is that all you've got! Incredible!!

While it may not be the most original retort, and definitely not a wise one, it is an undeniably plucky thing to say when you stand alone against a bunch of thugs who could pile in and kick your head off at any second. So hail, brave warrior, Nigel the Noble!

source: Article 'Hail, brave warrior, Nigel the Noble!' by Tom O'Carroll; tomocarroll.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/hail-brave-warrior-nigel-the-noble/; Heretic TOC; 20 August 2015