Handbook of child and adolescent sexuality

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I finished reading and taking notes on the Handbook of Child and Adolescent Sexuality. It's a book compiled in the United States, so you can expect it to be victimological. It's one of those books that get close to saying it, but never really get "there". I mean, it sometimes goes like "sexual contact with an underage or between an underage may be pleasant for both" and hastly [hastily] adds "but it's unacceptable". It's a good text to learn about what kids are doing behind our backs and how common it is, but you need to hold your nose to swallow sometimes.

Overall, when discussing non-intergenerational contact, the book can be pretty progressive, specially when it comes to sexual contact between adolescents. It acknowledges that sexual education shouldn't focus exclusively on abstinence, because it does not work. If teens are going to have sex with each other anyway, what would work is to teach them to do it safely. The sexuality of small children is also discussed positively, but still very cautiously.

The only thing I really dislike is the chapter on teenage prostitution, which is too emotional for my liking. It reads like a Buzzfeed article and can be safely skipped, in my modest opinion.

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