Hell, even in the US, we don't actually ban NAMBLA

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Hell, even in the US, we don't actually ban NAMBLA. You can form any organization you want, you just can't specifically break the law. If they catch Martijn members breaking the law, by all means prosecute them like anyone else. But to ban them outright? That's ridiculous. I understand that there is a fair amount of social freedom in Europe, but still the government has too much unilateral power to take it away whenever they want. I think it shows why Europe suffers a bit by not having a 1st Amendment like law. The social environment in Europe is arguably better than in the US, but the lack of comprehensive free speech laws leaves people at the mercy of the government waiting to see if the government will tolerate them or not. In the US, basically the government can't censor, however, except with CP which was (wrongly, IMHO) deemed to have zero 1st Amendment protections at the federal level in 1984. The government would love to shut sites like this down and organizations like NAMBLA, but fortunately we have the 1st Amendment which helps make up for a shitty social environment.

source: 'Re: I will have to admit it' by Joey Bishop; www.annabelleigh.net/messages/558728.htm; Girl Chat; 28 June 2012