His paintings are too sexy - Artist called Bernard

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I [artist called Bernard] was persecuted back in South Africa almost all of my young life and spent quite some jail-time for being in possession of pornography - my own work, that is. The last time I was arrested I would have had to spend about four years in prison since I had become a repeat offender, which is one of the reasons why I escaped and came to live in Holland. I was assured that I would not be prosecuted for my art here. [...]

I showed my artworks - those that I had salvaged from the South African authorities as most of my work there was destroyed - to two prominent art experts from both the Stedelijk Museum and the Rietveld Academy here in Amsterdam. They both assured me that my work would not be considered offensive to the Dutch law lords, since art was protected by the constitution and the laws on freedom of speech. [...] In 2002, the laws were changed and all of a sudden I was a criminal.

source: Interview 'His paintings are too sexy' by Karl Andersson; Destroyer #9; June 2009