Homosexuality in history

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"Adult males in modern society who feel fulfilled in giving concern and tuition to boys and youths are portrayed as being interested only in boys' bodies (though this may be a small part of the attraction) and are spurned and traduced as sexual monsters. I believe we reap the harvest of our hysterical fear and homophobia today in juvenile crime, drug use and delinquency.

Consider the ethical training which boys and youths gained through shudo in Japan or in the system in classical Greece, the tuition in manners, customs and humanity, the degree of civilised values imparted to them, the ideas of loyalty, honour and truthfulness; this highly personalised education with love and sensuality at its center must be far more effective than any other. We in the West are bigoted fools to dismiss it with such horror."

source: Colin Spencer in the book 'Homosexuality in History' (p. 393); Harcourt Brace New York; 1996