I'm presently serving two life sentences

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I'm writing to you from a Nevada prison cell. I'm presently serving two life sentences, two 10-year sentences and six one-year sentences, each running consecutively. I enjoy being a mentor and giving to my boy and seeing him happy. I miss that association with him and hate it in prison. Life here is extremely hard and lonely without my boy. Mentors-do you love your boy? and boys-do you love your mentor? If you love and value each other, then learn which laws apply to your situation.

Learn the history of pedophilia; read books like Loving Boys by Dr. Brongersma. Know the elements of crime that could be applicable in your case. Sit through a jury trial. Understand the experience of humiliation, fear and hurt that the judicial system can crate for a man/boy love relationship. Take a tour through your local state prison, especially at maximum security. You owe it to yourselves. You people are extremely fortunate to be free and together with each other-and can visit the arcades and the malls and experience the trees, the grass, the snow and a million other things. Protect yourselves-invest into your futures. I cannot emphasize that point any stronger. Being without love... sucks!

A friend,
Chris Chapman

source: Letter; NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 11, n. 7; October 1990