I am serving a 22-year sentence from the State of Alaska

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I am a new subscriber to the Bulletin for six months now. At first I did not know this type of organization existed. I am one of many people that has been convicted of what you all call man-boy love. I am serving a 22-year sentence from the State of Alaska and have been put in the custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons.

I have not really classified myself as a pedophile because my first and only contact or any type of association with minors was during the two years before my arrest and conviction. Because of my homosexuality life-style for the past 25 years (I am 33 now), my way of showing love and respect for a special person was with sexual contact. I had met some boys in the Fairbanks area and one in the Anchorage area that I felt were special, and we both needed love and someone who cared. I loved these boys (that were the ages of 13, 14, and 15) and did many things together with no sexual contact or desire whatsoever. The only sexual contact I ever had with them was on a one-time basis. Due to the police and their improper investigation tactics, the boys had felt they were true victims and harmed by me.

The thing I have discovered throughout this mess - and thanks to NAMBLA and its members - is that I am not the only person that has been under pressure by police and the laws in general. That if there was the age of consent lowered, many would not have been charged and many lives wouldn't have been screwed up. Of course I have always disapproved and think very harshly against a person that is a true child-molester and that forces their victims into sexual acts only for their own pleasure and does not care about them. But the adult that cares for a minor and loves them, be it male or female, and both are consenting and over the age of 12, should be allowed this right without the pressures of the law, police, or any other person that gets their nuts off by forcing themselves onto another person's life.

I may have a chance that I can bring up this subject in court. I have made a motion for a new trial, because of ineffective counsel, who has been fired and a new one appointed. In my last trial, only witnesses against me took the stand. This time, it will be my turn and I will tell the truth of what happened. I am going to bring up the subject of love and consent to the jury. By my own statement I will be guilty because by Alaska statues I am guilty, but they will know that I was not out to harm the boys nor were they harmed by my actions but only abused by the police and the courts and their procedures. The boys were manipulated and forced to testify to the grand jury and at trial and were embarrassed for the fact there was homosexual contact. But there are no laws whatsoever for or against homosexuality acts or actions. The only thing here was consent.

I am using information I have received from NAMBLA and its members to go into court with. I still don't classify myself as a pedophile. Young men and boys are not my preference. But I sincerely support the North American Man/Boy Love Association one hundred percent. Hopefully, whenever I get out, I can support my best to further and better NAMBLA and its members. Thank you all and keep up the wonderful work and support.

Jack, in Missouri.

source: Letter to the editor by Jack from Missouri; NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 6, N. 6; July/August 1985