I resisted his invitation initially

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I forget which boy it was that, when I was about nine, suggested that he put his hand up my trouser leg and "rubbed up my dick." I resisted his invitation initially, it seemed both meaningless and "rude"; but when he promised me I'd like it, and furthermore I somehow began to feel curiously excited at the idea, I let him do it. As soon as he started to tickle and rub my privates I could feel my "dick," small as it was, grow hard, and a minute or two later a delicious sensation, starting at the base of my spine, flooded through my whole body. I had experienced, although I had no idea what it was, my first induced orgasm, but naturally, as I was still several years from puberty, there was no sperm. I felt no hesitation therefor in gratefully doing him the same service. I watched with interest how his eyelids fluttered and he gave a little moan when he achieved what he called "the funny feeling." Although temporarily incapable, I couldn't wait to do it again.

source: From the book 'Scouse Mouse, or i never got over it: An Autobiography' by George Melly; Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London; 1984; Quote used in the book 'Childhood and Sexuality - A Radical Christian Approach' by John L. Randall; Dorrance Publishing Co., INC., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 1992; Book Melly from: 1984