Indecent assault

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By: Roger Moody

Indecent assault

Book as pdf-file: Indecent assault

[Quote from book:]

Roger Moody sets paedophilia squarely where it belongs: at the heart of any analysis of sexual politics. With devastating clarity he shows that the legal system, by 'protecting' young people from the 'assaults' of paedophiles is in fact the aggressor; authentic thruth and innocence get trampled in the rush to preserve the status quo. He argues forcefully that such crimes are truly political. ..'by keeping children in ignorance of their own capacity to share love, and blocking them when they try to express it, by turning self-discovery into assault and self-expression into indecency, the State creates crimes in a new area.'

Since this book was written, four members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) have been charged with "conspiracy to corrupt public morals".

"Before I [a kid] was crying, they [the police] kept asking me if Roger touched my dick or willie. I kept saying 'no', which was the truth, but it was getting me nowhere and they told me Roger and Steve had told them about these things so in the end I just agreed."

source: 'Indecent Assault' door Roger Moody; third print 1981; WORD IS OUT Publishers & PEACE NEWS; London; 1980