Interview with Amos Yee

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[Interviewer:] Are you still for child porn and pedophilia of all ages?

[Amos Yee:] Yes.

[Interviewer:] Is a newborn able to have sex if they "want to?"

[Amos Yee] Not penetrative, because you'll probably hurt them. But sexual acts like making out, kissing, a newborn is fine.

[Interviewer:] How would the newborn be able to consent?

[Amos Yee:] The same way they consent to eating and hugging. When you see a mom hugging a child, you don't say she's invading their privacy because they don’t have the mental faculties to consent to hugging. Only those standards are applied to sexual acts.

source: 'Interview with Amos Yee' by Marcus Lee;; Kopitiam Bot; 13 March 2018