Interview with a rent boy - 'I want a liberal sexual society'

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Kevin [not his real name] had just turned fourteen when he started selling sex. Ten years later he talks openly to The Lover about the highs and lows of the business that has become his main career. [...]

[Interviewer:] When did you start selling sex?

"I started selling sex when I had just turned fourteen, so it's eleven years ago. I had started having sex much earlier though, I was active on the dating portal Sylvester already at twelve, thirteen. I had done some modeling, not so much naked, but sort of provocative."

[Interviewer:] What kind of modeling was that, for private customers or what?

"Yes exactly, for customers. I've always looked a bit older than I am, and I think that has been to my advantage. When I was 14 I looked 16, so I guess my customers thought I was older. Many of them probably didn't want to meet too young guys. But what do I know. There were also those who were turned on by the fact that I was so young." [..]

[Interviewer:] You mentioned that your customers are straight, gay, Swedish, foreign, suburb...

"Young, old. My youngest customer was 19, that was when I was 23. I've had young customers many times."

[Interviewer:] Why do you think the young guys pay for sex? Or what was the reason in your case?

"Well, I've started to categorize people, I have my own categories. And the first one is the disabled. Either physically or mentally disabled. Like people with Asperger's Syndrome, I have many such customers, they are having a really hard time, it has to be their way, otherwise they're uncomfortable. They are in a way disabled because it's hard for them to get laid, even if they're good looking. They can look like models or porn stars, but people think they are psycho. So they want exactly what they want, and I can give them that. Then there's the disabled who are missing certain body parts or who need help with satisfaction, or they're not normatively attractive enough, you know, they are not conventionally beautiful enough to fuck as much as they would like, so there I have helped too. And then we have the fetishists, those who want feet, or those who want piss, shit, all of that. That's another category. And then we have those who want vanilla sex, or people who just want to jerk off while they're watching you. There are all kinds, I've met all of them. It feels like community service. I've thought about that many times, that it's frustrating that there is no, you know, legal way to work as an escort in that way, do you know what I mean?"

[Interviewer:] Absolutely, I think what you describe sounds really beautiful, but instead it's illegal, at least to buy.

"Yeah, because I've been in many situations where the only difference between me and a home care worker is that they don't help with anything sexual."

source: Interview < "I want a liberal sexual society" > by Karl Andersson; The Lover, issue 05; Summer 2017