Is paedophile policy now 'media-led'?

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Is paedophile policy now 'media-led'? How should the government respond to public and media pressure on such issues? The Home Office has rejected claims by a top police officer that policy on paedophiles is being driven by a tabloid newspaper campaign. Dyfed-Powys Chief Constable Terry Grange made the claims after the government revealed paedophiles are to be moved out from hostels near schools - a decision that followed a News of the World report on the issue. The government is also sending a minister to the US to examine Megan's Law which allows parents to check if offenders' have moved into their area. Has the government "surrendered" to the media or is it listening to the public? How should the government respond to newspaper campaigns? Would you like to see a system like Megan's law introduced into the UK?

[Some of the reactions:]

Yes, I believe that Government policy on paedophile activity is, and always has been, media-led and influenced, either rightly or wrongly. (Just for the record, I think that any media-led policy is sheer lunacy). If this law is passed, I truly shudder to think how many innocent individuals will end up in intensive care because some fired-up mob can't refrain from taking the law into their own hands. Let's have some INTELLIGENT debate, people! [Martin Harding, Manchester, United Kingdom]

'Should we take moral advice from 'The Sun' on paedophiles?' This is a 'news'paper which regularly displays topless young women on Page 3, some as young as 18. [mishnok, Glasgow] and sometimes even younger than that! I doubt that The Sun cares about the morals of page 3 or paedophilia - only about making money! [DJ Helen, United Kingdom]

source: 'Is paedophile policy now 'media-led'?';; BBC NEWS; 20 June 2006