Is the majority of child porn consensual or forced?

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1) A German man with the pseudonym Sebastian Anders took a look at child porn collections from several people. He reported in an article that material with violence does exist, but is rare. Most of the time the reactions of the children can not be judged. On some material it can be seen clearly that the children had fun and liked the sexual experiences.

Anders, Sebastian (2009): Tante Uschi zeigt Kinderpornos. Gigi, Issue 61, May/June 2009, pp- 6-14

2) Jan Schuijer and B.R. [edit] published an article about that topic 1992. They looked at 10.000 photos from "child porn" magazines that were published between 1960 and 1984. For each photo they judged if the "child" was clearly frightened, clearly happy or if this could not be judged. 83 % of the reactions could not be judged clearly, 18 % of the pictures showed happy children, 1 % of the pictures showed frightened children.

Schuijer, Jan and B.R. [edit] (1992): The Trade in Child Pornography. IPT Journal Volume 4 Issue 2,

3) Harris Mirkin wrote 2009:

"There is anecdotal evidence that models do not turn against the photographer or painter, and do not regret the images that were made. Lewis Carroll remained friendly with the girls who posed nude for him. Von Gloeden was adored by his boys. Mapplethorpe's Rosie, now grown, has put her picture in the window of her restaurant and says that she thinks it is beautiful. Caravaggio's and Donatello's models remained close to them. Jock Sturges' models were all proud of the photographs and remained friends of Sturges and admired him. Will McBride's model's also remained friendly, as did Lohmuller's [Lohmüller‏‎'s] models. In the movie business the young actors in Larry Clark's film Kids, who would be far more identifiable than normal porn models, have not expressed regret. Admittedly, anecdotal evidence is not worth much. It is, however, the only evidence we have at this point. And it does serve to raise doubts about the common idea that all the models involved in the production of child porn will regret it and feel that viewers of the images are violating their privacy."

Mirkin, Harris (2009): The Social, Political, and Legal Construction of the Concept of Child Pornography. Journal of Homosexuality, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp. 233-267

source: Post 'Two reports and a study about that topic' by 'Filip30'; Responding on 'Is the majority of CP consensual or forced?';; BoyChat; 8 October 2016