Karl Anderson: Sex destroys beauty

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[Interviewer:] You urge people to send you old magazines that may be "kiddie porn". And some of the ads seem fishy.

[Karl Andersson, editor of Destroyer:] Yes, some of the magazines that I urge people to sens me - instead of throwing them away - are considered kiddie porn nowadays. But what is kiddie porn? Even Donatello's David can be considered kiddie porn in some countries, and certainly Wilhelm von Gloeden's pictures, which were even burnt in the fascist thirties. Nowadays the owners of these magazines burn them themselves in their homes. There is a red line running through these actions: pictures of teenage boys have been denounced by the society, and so for no other reason than that the observer is a man. Homophobia, not concern about the children, lurks behind the kiddie porn legislations. Every intelligent social critic should fight them, or at least put the light on their real objectives.

source: Interview 'Sex destroys beauty' by Jaakko Stenros; Interviewing Karl Andersson; blog.destroyerjournal.com/images/kasino2low.jpg; Kasino A4; issue #5; April 2007