Kids Club Anthology 01

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Kids Club Anthology 01

Magazine as pdf-file: Kids Club Anthology 01


A militant young dyke's feminist perspective on the age of consent question - by Anonymous (p. 1)

Fuck the age of consent! - by Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement (p. 4)

42 & 13, our love is real - by Anonymous (p. 6)

Seeking emancipation in San Francisco - by Jes Harrison (p. 9)

Children and sex ‑ A view from the staff - by Youth Liberation (p. 10)

Loving men - by Mark Moffett (p. 15)

I was "only a kid" to my mother's lovers - by Sky (p. 21)

I'm 14, I'm gay & I want a boyfriend - by Jay (p. 22)

Scrap the ʺyoung loveʺ laws - by Shocking Pink Collective (p. 26)

I know what I am - gay teenagers and the law - by Joint Council For Gay Teenagers (p. 29)

Girl and woman - by Amy (p. 35)

Confronting ageism - by Michael Alhonte (p. 38)

source: Kids Club Anthology #1; Out the Mouth of Babes - Youth speak out on youthlove; March 2019