Kids as young as 12 are being put on the Kansas sex offender website

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Just playing doctor could put your child on the Kansas sex offender website. The sex offender website is filled with information about people who have committed horrible crimes against children. But KAKE News has learned kids not even old enough to drive are being called sex offenders. On the website are the faces of Kansas sex offenders. Many of them men, in their forties and fifties, who have molested and raped young children. But some are children themselves, also labeled as sex offenders. [...]

Kids can be put on this list as young as 10 years old for what some may describe as "playing doctor" but the law has ruled as criminal offenses. [...]

Kansas law requires the therapist to report children involved in sexual situations, no matter how innocent they seem. If they don't, they could lose their license.

source: 'Kids As Young As 12 Are Being Put On The Kansas Sex Offender Website';; KAKE News; 16 November 2005