Letter from Benjamin Roelofsma (president Association Martijn) to the editots of the Sunday Times

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Dear Sirs,

Our attention was drawn to the Sunday Times of 13 September 1987. In which was mentioned the magazine 'OK', published by our association. We feel unpleasantly surprised by the grave accusations in it. In the article 'Yard demands crackdown on child-porn by Dutch police' you wrote: "Titles on the shelves under the heading Paedophile Books and Magazines included OK, a Dutch magazine carrying photographs and illustrations of young boys performing oral and anal intercourse with adults." [...] This allegation is in no way reflecting the truth. Not a single issue of OK contains photographs or drawings depicting young boys having intercourse, orally or anally, with adults. If you were referring to the drawings in OK nr. 8, please allow us to stress that these were boys among boys (16 and 13 years old, according to the cover of the original cartoon). In OK-8 we mainly used pictorial material from educational books, photo-art books and cartoons, that are obtainable without any restrictions in any average bookshop in the Netherlands. [..]

We get the impression that you would very much like to see British morals and views on what is obscene or indecent applied in the Netherlands too. And in order to achieve this, you do nit hesitate to publish libellous and untruthful articles. In our opinion, this betrays an extraordinarily bad editorial policy or just plain bad journalism. It is our sincere hope that in future you will refrain from such practice.

source: Letter from Benjamin Roelofsma (president Association Martijn) to the editots of the Sunday Times; 7 October 1987