Love versus abuse: crossgenerational sexual relations of minors: a gay rights issue?

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Therefore, it has to be the primary object to screen: to avoid criminal proceedings, where they are not necessary. This means that in the case of prepuberal children it should always be examined if proceedings and prosecution do more harm to the child than the contact itself and that in the case of adolescents on principle there should no prosecution be brought and no proceedings instigated against the will of the juvenile. The negative effects of criminalization were a decisive element for the recommendation of most of the governmental and parliamentarian commissions in Europe not to criminalize consensual sexual relations (out of relationships of authority) over the age of 14.

source: Article 'Love versus Abuse: Crossgenerational Sexual Relations of Minors: A Gay Rights Issue?' by Helmut Graupner, JD (Austrian Society for Sex Research); Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 37(4); The Haworth Press, Inc; 1999