Lowering the age of consent

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At lunchbreaks I cut across the playground to the other side of the school to the primary toilets. We weren't allowed to play games or mix with these younger boys, even although some were only one year younger then me. The playgrounds were totally segregated. So, I used to sneak into their toilets and hide in a cubicle. I watched the boys coming in for a piss, and longed to be closer to them. I didn't think of it at the time in terms of sex, gay or paedophile but 'I knew' that I wanted to cuddle up naked to another younger boy and explore each others body. I knew that I wanted to play hide and seek and have fun with them. 'I knew' that I loved younger boys, and was definite about my sexuality, I wanted sex. 'I was eleven'.

This is a true story about me when I was eleven. I know that I was sexual and enjoyed playing with my willy before then. I've written this down because it's difficult for L.G.Y.M. (Lesbian and Gay Youth Movement) to convince people that young girls and boys DO have a sexuality and often DO want sex. Some people like me are attracted to younger people (the age group that I am most attracted to hasn't changed at all). Other girls and boys want sex with older women and men. Everyones sexual attractions are different and of course, all are valid and should be supported.

I've talked to lots of my lesbian and gay friends about their early sexual feelings. All of them knew that they were attracted to people of the same sex between the ages of four and twelve, and some have experienced the 'most equal' relationship in their lives when they were that age with people older than themselves. I have a seven year old gay friend who is very certain about his attraction to older boys and men. He knows his sexuality and he knows he enjoys sex. How dare the law say that he has to wait fourteen years before he's allowed to have fun touching another boys or mans body!!! It's adults who are screwed up about sex, sexuality and nudity - we do it for FUN. I do believe young people in this sick society need protection from violence and non-consensual sex, in the same way that women need the law to protect them from rape by men. [...]

source: Article 'Lowering the age of consent'; Crosstalk no. 1; 1988