Man-boy lovers: assessment, counseling, and psychotherapy

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The boys are fascinated by the of what it is to be a man and the man's fascination is over what he lost in becoming an adult. This can function as a trigger for an emotional relationship that eventually is expressed sexually. Regardless of the moral, ethical or legal context, this tension is present in all man-boy encounters, or, in a broader context, in all encounters between persons who differ considerably in age. Although in our society emotional relationships between generations are not reinforced, the tension and the fascination exists and man-boy relationships are just one way of resolving it. If this line of reasoning is correct, sex researchers should not only concentrate on the possible damage of a "pedophile" relationship, but should also take into account the (non-sexual) profits for both partners involved.

source: Article 'Man-Boy Lovers: Assessment, Counseling, and Psychotherapy' by Alex van Naerssen; From the book 'Male Intergenerational Intimacy - Historical, Socio-Psychological, and Legal Perspectives' by Theo Sandfort (PhD), Edward Brongersma (JD) & Alex van Naerssen (PhD) (Editors); Harrington Park Press New York / London; 1990