Michael Jackson was my lover: the secret diary of Jordie Chandler

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[Jordie Chandler to a friend:] "Why is it so difficult for the people to understand that I like Michael. If one is in love with a school girl or a friend, everyone is happy and say's it's so wonderful, but when I say I like Michael, people don't want to listen. I am sixteen years old and I know what has happened. I think people are bothered by homosexual relationships but I'm not a homosexual. I just feel an attraction towards Michael and I had sex with him. My friends and professors have told me that it's normal for a boy to be attracted to other children or adults. It happened to me. But if people don't want to listen it is another thing."

source: From the book 'Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler' by Victor M. Gutierrez, Santiago, Chile (2nd edition); Quote also published in the book 'Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons' by Carl Toms (Tom O'Carroll); Matador; 2010; Book Gutierrez from: 1997