My own initiation came long before I was legally adult

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My own initiation came long before I was legally adult. Though a number of males around my age offered to participate, a woman ten years my senior was "responsible," at my invitation and encouragement. The only fault I find with that part of my sexual education was the limit her guilt and fear put on our pleasure, the heterosexual pressure even she felt required to put on me. What she did "for my own good" caused both of us pain. If I were to improve on that experience now, it would not be to protect children from adult seduction but to make adults easier to seduce, less burdened with fear or guilt, less defended by hypocrisy. [...]

If we accepted sexual behaviour between children and adults, we would be far more able to protect children from abuse and exploitation than we are now.

source: From the book 'Flaunting It' by Jane Rule (lesbian feminist); Vancouver, New Star Press; Quote copied from:; Book from: 1982