New laws in Dutch Penal Code to help fight 'kiddie porn'

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The Hague, Netherlands. On the 21st May 1986 changes in the Penal Code came into effect to help fight 'kiddie porn'. The distribution, production, import or export, or public display of 'harmful sexual pictures of the behaviour of persons under 16' can now be punished by a fine of up to Hfl 10,000 and imprisonment up to 3 months. Photographic material, video recordings, and films are covered by the new legislation. Its purpose is to enable the Department of Justice to act against the production of 'kiddie-porn' and sexual abuse of the children involved. Other changes in the legislation on public morals is also designed to protect children. It is prohibited to show pornography to anyone under 16. Nude beaches are now officially legalised. Contrary to other reports, naked recreation is punishable if it occurs in places that have not been designated by a local authority. By implication, certain parts of beaches, or other areas can be reserved for nude recreation. Indecent exposure in public roads or comparable places remains punishable. (References 'De Volkskrant' and 'De Telegraaf', 9th May 1986)

source: B.L.W. 2 (Boy Love World 2); 1986