Not all sex offenders are homicidal maniacs

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The recent sensational cases, such as the murders of Jessica Lunsford, Jetseta Gage and Sara Lunde have served to further confuse the public and fan the flames of hysteria without educating the public as to the differences in sex crime categories or offenders who commit them, or the real recidivism rates of sexual offenders. Most people would be very shocked to find out that the overall recidivism rate [i.e., committing a new separate sex crime] is in the 5-10% range, well below any other category of crime. [...]

Focusing on the majority of offenders who are non-violent, usually one-time offenders takes away attention, resources and public funds from the small core of offenders who are violent and high-risk. It is those non-violent, low-risk offenders who fulfill their registration requirement - those in the small highest-risk group do not. [...]

There are many well-intentioned proposals currently being proffered that would enact blanket restrictions on all sex offenders, regardless of level, progress in treatment or in society, and regardless of the amount of time since their offense. This is a disservice to the public and will lessen public safety. These proposals feel good and sound good, but experience has shown that broadening definitions and restrictions depletes precious resources of law enforcement and probation offices, which are exactly how these few high-risk offenders are able to commit egregious crimes.

source: Article 'Not all Sex Offenders are Homicidal Maniacs';; 19 April 2005