Old Man and the boys

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At the age of 72, Old Man traveled to Pattaya for the first time. He had learned from newspapers what you could expect; previously he had no idea that boy prostitution was so popular and advanced in Thailand. As a young man, he had not been interested in traveling abroad - everything was available in Sweden then. [...] What he wasn't prepared for, and which took him by surprise, was that the boys didn't act the way that he had expected from boys who ultimately prostituted themselves for money. He had expected to be allowed to carefully enjoy their bodies, but nothing more. But it turned out that almost every boy was turned on, his willingness clearly visible in the pants, already on the way to the hotel. It had surprised him that many boys, even after they had been paid, wanted to continue. Old Man couldn't last that long, but the boys wanted to continue or start anew after some hours. This was despite the payment - a pretty standardized fee for either "half term" for an evening or "full term" for the whole night - had already been secured in the boy's pocket. [...] He concluded that the boys in Pattaya were as willing as those in Sweden of long ago, except that the Swedish boys did not expect any money (with the exception of those on Söder Mälarstrand [there he paid for it]).

[This article consists of experts from a longer, unpublished manuscript, translated and edited by Karl Andersson.]

source: Article 'Old Man and the Boys' by Anonymous; The Lover, Issue 03; Summer 2016