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The Satanic Ritual Abuse Phenomenon - by Code Davis (p. 2)

Boy-love in Medieval Arabic Verse - by Norman Roth (p. 12)

Karol Szymanowski, His Boy-Love Novel, and the Boy He Loved - by Hubert Kennedy (p. 26)

Time of Youth, Time of Beauty, The Poet Jan Hanlo (1912-1969) - by Hans Hafkamp (p. 34)

Karel and the Father of Rinus - by Jan Hanlo (p. 61)

Book Notes (p. 63)

Book Reviews (p. 63)

Benjamin Britten: A Biography (p. 63)

Die Lust der Götter: Homosexualität in der Italienischen Kunst - Von Donatello zu Caravaggio (p. 72)

Journal as pdf-file: Paidika-11

source: Paidika - The Journal of Paedophilia, Volume 3, Number 3, Issue 11; Winter 1994