Pedo's will eventually gain acceptance!

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Pedo's will eventually gain acceptance!!! Why? Because common sense will prevail. It simply must. There is no choice involved. Common sense must prevail. It's a mathematical certainty. Once people start hearing us out, they will not long be able to refute the common sense of our argument. But as for now, no objective discussion is being allowed to take place on the boob tube (the television). And the boob tube is where most people get their "programming" from. Once we break down the Nazi wall of controlled ideas, we will eventually gain our acceptance. Unfortunately, many martyrs will first have to be made of us, before the mass majority develops enough of a conscience to at least let us be heard, unfiltered, on the mainstream channels.

source: 'Pedo's will eventually gain acceptance!!!' by 'stahntii';; Girl Chat; 27 June 2010