Pedophiles on Parade - Volume 1: The Monster in the Media

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One of the more striking operations involved over 100 FBI agents and police in two states. Two gay men, interested in sadomasochism, were targeted by police and brought into contact with undercover officers pretending to have similar interests. The police cultivated a fantasy in which a young boy is kidnapped, violated, and murdered while being filmed. When the men tired of the game and refused to commit any actual act (as was urged by the police), the police encouraged them on, elaborating on the imaginary themes. On this basis, a fantasy, the men were arrested and sentenced to decades in prison, the police taking credit, with the usual supportive media fanfare, for appearing to prevent a crime before it happened.

In Canada, efforts in the early 1990s continued to criminalize the production and possession of any written text that advocates or supports youth-adult sex and/or advises youth to have sex as well as explicit representations; the laws, passed without dissent, gave ten years in prison for such crimes. In England, which also has a demagogic system of law, PIE [Paedophile Information Exchange] was largely destroyed by imprisoning its writers for, in the words of sentencing Judge John Owen, trying to give "intellectual respectability to acts which society as a whole regards as loathsome."

In early 1984, Gary Plauche killed a man who had been having sex with Plauche's 12 year old son; he had wide support and was allowed to plea-bargain to manslaughter, and in 1985 was given five years probation and 300 hours of community service.

source: 'Pedophiles on Parade - Volume 1: The Monster in the Media' by David Sonenschein; San Antonio USA; 1998