Pedophilia not a 'sexual orientation' - Duma-proposed bill

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The Russian parliament is preparing a bill that would outlaw the classification of pedophilia as a sexual orientation and introduce punishment for propaganda of this 'disorder'.

The initiative was put forward this week by deputy head of the Duma committee for labor and social policies Elena Afanasyeva of the populist-nationalist party LDPR. MP Aleksandr Sidyakin of the majority United Russia party also threw his support behind the move.

The two sponsors told fellow lawmakers that in late October this year the American Psychiatric Association (APA) introduced an updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in which those who are physically attracted to children - but do not let their desires inflict harm to themselves or others - are not classified as having a psychiatric condition.

source: Article 'Pedophilia not a 'sexual orientation' - Duma-proposed bill';; RT Russian Politics; 26 November 2013