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By: Robert Long

In July 2001 the then 57-year old Dutch singer/songwriter and radio & TV host Robert Long wrote a column in which he spoke up for Vereniging Martijn when it was refused at Roze Zaterdag (= Pink Saturday, Dutch Gay Pride). This refusal was accompanied by quite a lot of media coverage then. This year Roze Zaterdag was in Breda. We were refused there too. So Robert Long's words did not lose strength at all and that's why we are glad to print this column in OK for the first time. With thanks to the author.

The Netherlands are a progressive nation. An open-minded people. Emancipated and tolerant through and through. Especially in the way of sexuality and morality. Prostitution is supervised by the State. If a civil servant refuses to marry two women or two men, he runs the risk of getting fired. If, somewhere, a religious Ali Babi claims that pedophiles are all child rapists, the whole country will be turned upside down. No, wait, I'm wrong there. That was not about pedophiles, but about homosexuals. Although... does that make any difference? In fact it does not. Gays or pedos, they are all dangerous perverts busy all day giving free rein to their filthy desires for innocent children. The difference between gays and pedos is nil.
Less than half a century ago a fag was about the same as a pedo is nowadays: an outcast. He was avoided by society, cursed by the churches, cast out by his relatives and being called names by the plebs. I myself once spent two nights in a police cell, because I did "it" with a minor. I had been friends with that boy for a couple of years, but I was one year older and thus coming of age sooner than him. When I had turned eighteen, two detectives appeared at my work to take me with them for an interrogation by the vice squad. I lost my job and some time later my boyfriend too, for he had also been picked up by the police and that's why his parents found out about our relationship. That is less than 40 years ago and I could tell poignant stories about it for hours. Not so much about myself, but about friends and acquaintances whose social lives were ruined by ridiculous accusations, intimidation by the police, by probation, prison, etc. Neighbours who could swear that they had seen their homosexual neighbour fooling around with this blond lad who, at the same moment, had been in Australia for 5 months visiting his emigrated sister, together with his mother. Landladies throwing their tenants with whom they used to get on so well ("he is such a decent man") out of their houses from one month to the next, if there was the suspicion that... I could write books about it.

Today, after forty years, the homosexual is an accepted being. Laws have been adapted, discrimination is punishable and commerce found out that the average gay is of considerable means. More than that: the gay has become a trendsetter. Top hairdressers, top designers, top artists, top politicians, if you ain't a fag you won't score as well as your sultry colleagues. Gays have their own trendy discos, pubs, queen mothers (1) (how would Imca Marina be doing, actually?) and even their own Gay Games, Gay Pride and Roze Zaterdags.

Roze Zaterdag is in fact a kind of Liberation Day. On this day it is celebrated that oppression, lawlessness and obtuse prejudices came to an end. A lot of organizations walk along in this parade, among which the N.P.B. (the Dutch Police Union). That already must be quite a task, given their evident lack of good shape, but anyway on that day there are some more police officers in the streets than on any other day. Just by the way.

But now this N.P.B. does not want to have anything to do with Roze Zaterdag anymore, because Martijn walks along too. Martijn is a foundation for child rapists, for fuckers of two-year-olds and for other perverts. So about the same kind of persons as the cornholers, the shit-fuckers and the other filthy rabble that was on hand some fifty years ago.

The organizers of Roze Zaterdag were scared stiff and all sorts of gay organizations hastened to declare that they did not want to have anything to do with these child molesting perverts. Well, I'm blowed right out of my wooden summer shoes with their handmade, gorgeous design, especially cultivated from alder-wood! You might expect that a grouping that has been oppressed for centuries and that knows that complete continents still want to have nothing to do with queers, that a grouping like that would sympathize with people who have as hard a time as they themselves do as a result of their inclination. But no, they don't.

Homosexual Holland thinks that it has a right to do anything. Through the Amsterdam canals in your bare ass: no problem. Fistf**king wherever in whatever darkroom: we don't give a f**k. Sex parties in any converted garage with goldenshower, rubber, leather, nylon or whatever horniness: what are you worrying about? But a PEDOPHILE in your ludicrous parade, no, that would absolutely tarnish the blazon.

And, just shortly, to be perfectly clear (I have said this a hundred times before, but I'll just repeat it once more): I think that everyone should leave anyone alone who does not want to be touched or is not due for it. Yet I refuse to believe that "a pedophile"'s only aim is to put his prick in a two-year-old. I find it incomprehensible that gays and their organizations do not fight prejudices like that by fire and sword. Now that it has been proved beyond the shadow of doubt that a homosexual teacher is no bigger danger to a class than a hetero (a view that has been honoured for a very long time and sometimes still crops up), it seems significant to me that we should have an objective look at the precise meaning of pedophilia. Mind you, this has already been done before in the 70s and the results were more subtle than what we find in the media today. What would you think of this:

Revenge after showing genital organ
LEEUWARDEN ... In the district Zeeheldenbuurt in Leeuwarden there has been a furious feeling for some days now after the showing of his genital organ by a 14-year old boy to three girls last week. Local residents set fire to the car of the boy’s family and chalked the word pedophile on his parental home. During the small fire, local residents impeded the fire brigade so that the burning car nearly lighted the house. The police are looking for the instigators of the acts of revenge and are also examining whether the suspected boy has more to answer for.

We do seem to live in an enlightened age, but the Middle Ages sometimes clearly break through the thin layer of emancipation varnish. A 14-year old boy shows his dick. Right, Jesus, if we still get confused by a simple piece of skin like that, while at the other side of the street the most perverted porn videos are being rented for one pound each, we should not be surprised when these things happen. And the setting to fire of the family's car then by the intense decent local residents gives me a very anxious feeling.

The word "pedophile" that was chalked on his parental home makes two things clear to me. First, that this word is used whether it is relevant or not, particularly whether it is not. And secondly, that the gay organizations may think wrong about having achieved the aim. I just would not count on that too strongly as long as there are still clubs like the N.P.B. and districts like the Leeuwarden Zeeheldenbuurt. I'm sorry, heterosexual readers, but I just had to get this off my homosexual chest.
By the way, my boyfriend is 28 years my junior. And Eric Clapton's wife is 35 years his junior.Glad that we do not live in Leeuwarden.

A fresh young greeting from
Robert Long

(1) queen mothers have nothing to do with the late Queen Mother, but a 'queen mother' is an older woman who protects certain gays she knows. The national queen mother is appointed by the gays in Holland 'to watch over them'. Imca Marina, a singer, was an 'NL' queen mother a few years ago.

Source: Article 'Pedos' by Robert Long (Dutch singer); Translated from Dutch; Original title 'Pedo's';; July 2001