Prosecutors request more time in child sex abuse obscenity case

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The case against Tom Arthur, who authorities say ran a child sex-abuse erotica text website, is "so unusual or so complex" that it is "unreasonable" to stick to a January court date, prosecutors argued in court filings.

Federal prosecutors say they need more time to build their case against Thomas Arthur, a man in his 60s who they accused last year of running a text erotica site focused on child sexual abuse from his Terlingua-area home. [...]

In his interview with The Big Bend Sentinel, [Mark] Bennett [Arthur's lawyer] said it was "very unusual" for authorities to bring obscenity charges based on writings. "It's hard to see how text can be shown to have no artistic value," he said.

source: Article 'Prosecutors request more time in child sex abuse obscenity case' by Stephen Paulsen;; Big Bend Sentinel; 8 January 2020