Radio 1 DJ jailed for paedophilia claims offences were consensual

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A former BBC disc jockey [Chris Denning] who was jailed for sexually abusing boys claimed his human rights are being contravened because his offences were consensual and many years ago. [...] The 68-year-old - currently in a Slovakian prison after being jailed for five years for producing child pornography in 2008 - claimed he should never have been jailed. He said: "My human rights were violated and I was denied the basic freedom to be legally able to have a sexual relationship with a consenting young male friend or to take intimate photographs of him." He said his various jail terms, which include terms for gross indecency in 1974 at the Old Bailey, 18 months in 1985, three years in 1988, three months in 1996, four years in a Czech prison in 1998 and five years in 2008, were all "unfair".

source: 'Radio 1 DJ jailed for paedophilia claims offences were consensual';; Telegraph; 22 February 2010