Rai can't state Italian curiosity over pedophilia

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ARCI Gay has a close rapport with the gay monthly Babilonia. This ten-year-old magazine of "culture and seduction" has regularly been instrumental in the welfare and growth of the Italian gay community since its inception. It champions gay-related causes and has provided an occasional platform for Italian pedophiles. Its advocacy has been tempered only by the tolerance of its readers, not the pieties of any wider audience. Photos of boys have appeared, as well as two articles on NAMBLA. The second, published in October 1988 heralded our tenth anniversary and notified readers of the upcoming Rai report. [...]

One of the first politicians to deal with it [pedophilia] was Niki Vendola, openly gay member of parliament and general secretary of the communist youth organization. In 1985 he stressed the difference between abuse and consensual sex with a "minor." Because of this, his political adversaries labeled him the pedophile candidate, and he lost in the next election. Activists William Andraghetti and Paolo Galanti founded Sex-pol in Bologna, a group advocating sexual freedom for all, including children and pedophiles. The term "la pedofilia dolce," or "sweet pedophilia" was coined and entered the common language.

source: Article 'Rai Can't State Italian Curiosity Over Pedophilia' by Renato Corazza; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 10, n. 3; April 1989