Reply to a plea for sexual pleasure

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Psychiatrists' definition of paedophilia applies to sexual contacts with young persons who have not yet reached puberty. As a guideline, this concerns young persons below the age of 13. I had frequent discussions about this with Edward Brongersma, author of the two-volume standard work Loving Boys. To my idea, what he described as 'boy love' in his books was a very common form of homosexuality. Partly because of this I saw it as unjust that he and Frits Bernard were expelled from the Dutch gay rights organization COC. [...]

Pedagogy is not the solution where boy love is concerned. Let us rather strive to reduce the sexual age of consent to 12, as was the case in the Netherlands for a long time.

source: Article 'Reply to a plea for sexual pleasure - No education, but legal possibilities' by Lex van Naerssen; Koinos, no. 68; Winter 2010