Reporters are part of the 'lynch mob syndrome'

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Much of the media compete with each other to be the first to report the latest shocking allegations in the war against pedophiles and man/boy lovers. Reporters are part of the "lynch mob syndrome" and "moral panic" that characterizes the cognitive underpinning for wars. Media reports feed on each other, rather than on scientific or proven fact, creating in some cases an echo chamber of horrors. People who know about or who are sympathetic to man/boy love and pedophilia are not quoted or interviewed, for any acknowledgement that they are also human and have needs is "treason." The pursuit of fairness and truth must be sacrificed in the service of the war; only loyal soldiers in the war are given favorable coverage in "their" media. Empathy for the pedophile/enemy would weaken the determination of the public to pursue the was.

source: 'Discussion Paper' by Teddi B. [edit]; 17 June 1990