Response to an analysis on our research into child sexual abuse in Australia by BLAZE

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30% of the boys found the sexual abuse experience negative and this is a sizeable proportion, approximately one in three of the boys involved. Because 70% did not find it fearful or shocking does not imply that such activities should be allowed or legalised, which appears to be the intention of the BLAZE group. There are many pleasurable activities of children such as nose-picking or masturbating in public which the adult community rightly seeks to prevent.

We agree that the use of force in only 14% of boys makes it less traumatic than for girls. But this is to ignore the fact that other incentives have been used. These are offers of money, chocolate, presents, outings and the subtle persuasive powers of an older male using his adult authority to persuade a boy. These still result in illegal activity. The lack of force or the threat of force and the use of more 'pleasant' offers is still coercive where children's immaturity is plainly being exploited. In the light of the statistics we have presented and what is know of child and adolescent development we categorically reject any acceptance of the sexual use and abuse of boys below the age of consent by adults. In our view the law is correct in safeguarding minors from all forms of sexual exploitation.

source: 'Response to an analysis on our research into child sexual abuse in Australia by BLAZE' by Ronald & Juliette Goldman; Crosstalk no. 1; 1988