Sagitta: an anarchist of love

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Moreover, he [John Henry Mackay] wrote the first sports novel, Der Schwimmer (The Swimmer) - and not least of all, under the pseudonym Sagitta (arrow) he made the 'nameless love', a complete taboo, generally known - the most bizarre thing being that this subject is not a whit less topical today than it was at the time. On the contrary: it is considered even more objectionable now than it was in the past, for Mackay was able to gather renowned allies to his cause, whereas today everybody keeps quit when the subject comes up, while it has been criminalized to an extreme, bordering on the absurd and thus on the unbearable, with the end of this madness nowhere in sight. [...]

Just this: nowadays there are barely any structures of resistance. It is quite possible that the outrageous government repression, the fact that being suspected of such a preference already borders on slander, that this intolerable situation crushes all resistance (the repression ranging from random police raids on selfhelp groups to false libel campaigns in the media) - but I ask: who will be able to call a halt to this evil, this which-hunt, this degrading, hysterical persecution, when even the hunted only think about saving their own skin, only stay on the run trying to shake off their persecutors, but only aggravate this hideous situation by their actions!

source: Book review 'Sagitta: an anarchist of love' by Reinhard Knoppka; Koinos, no. 59, 2008 # 3; 2008