Scholarly press cancels book after web site attacks it as a defense of pederasty

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Following an outcry from social conservatives, Haworth Press announced last week that it had canceled the publication of an edited volume on homosexuality in classical antiquity. The conservative activists had complained that one of the book's chapters -- an essay by Bruce L. Rind, an adjunct instructor in psychology at Temple University -- amounted to a defense of present-day sexual relationships between men and adolescent boys.

This is not the first time that Mr. Rind's work has come under fire. Six years ago, he and two colleagues were denounced by Congress for writing a paper that, in its critics' eyes, soft-pedaled the long-term traumatic effects on children of sexual abuse.

source: Article 'Scholarly Press Cancels Book After Web Site Attacks It as a Defense of Pederasty' by David Glenn; The Chronicle of Higher Education; 26 September 2005