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The newest issue of The Journal of Sex Research, a Publication of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (vol. 37, no. 4), carries an obituary of Floyd Martinson.

I've known Floyd; I met him in the seventies last century, for instance in California during a Life Style Congress. We were occupied at the time preparing a reader on child sexuality together with Larry L. Constantine. People didn't have to wait long: in 1981, the pioneering book "Children and Sex: New Findings, New Perspectives" appeared, edited by Larry Constantine and Floyd Martinson; Little, Brown and Company, Boston. This book played an important role in the recent research of Bruce Rind et al (my own research data from the seventies were used for it due to their inclusion in the reader).

At the time, Martinson was a professor of sociology at the Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, and a U.S. Fulbright Research Scholar, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. He published "The Sexual Life of Children" in 1994. Floyd was a calm and friendly man, a good thinker and speaker. He was always prepared to strain himself for the sake of others. Many people will miss him.

And yet again, a pupil from the old school has deceased?

Dr. Frits Bernard

Dutch Paper Spreads the Message

The national Dutch newspaper Trouw asserted the following on December 7, 2000: 'When things go well in the field of education, a bond exists between teacher and pupil that is not only reciprocal, but also a source of mutual pleasure.' Quo vadis, pedagogical eros?

Attack on Danish Pedophile Association

A number of months ago, the Danish Pedophile Association was infiltrated by the Danish media. Recordings were made with a concealed camera and broadcast in a documentary on Danish television. In a response to the documentary, several politicians argued that the association should be banned. DPA doesn't think it will come to a ban. Due to these complications, the DPA website was unavailable for a while. It is currently up and running at or
Source: a DPA member

Honorable Mention for Frits Bernard

The recently published Deutsches Schriftstellerlexikon 2001, a "who's who" of German literature issued by the Bund Deutscher Schriftsteller e.V. (Bond of German Writers), lists two translations of Dutch novellas: Costa Brava, Geschichte einer jungen Liebe (Costa Brava), and Verfolgte Minderheit (Persecuted Minority), both written by Dr. Frits Bernard. Only very rarely is literature produced by non-German writers recorded in this authoritative standard work about German-language literature.

Biographical data on Dr. Bernard were included, as well as a reference to the Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge, England. There are also references to several Who's Who of Intellectuals, which include more data on Dr. Bernard and his publications.

Confronting Academe

C. C., chairman of MARTIJN, delivered a lecture at the University of Amsterdam in November of 2000 and spoke at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) in Amsterdam in December together with his opponent, the therapist Ruud Bullens. In April of this year, the chairman discussed several aspects of the controversy surrounding adult-child intimacy (including Freud's influence and the reign of pseudo-science) for a number of American students attending the School for International Training in Amsterdam.

Where the Streets Dare Not Speak Their Name

In December of 2000, the street committee of the Dutch town of Valkenburg retracted its decision to call a new square the Jan Hanlo Hof (Jan Hanlo Court), after future residents protested the decision. After all, the poet Jan Hanlo (1912-1969) was attracted to boys. He was even prosecuted in 1962 for caressing the chest of a boy of fifteen. The Dutch citizens are to be commended for their alertness. We should also pay vigilance to prevent Willem de Mérode Hofjes (after a Dutch boylover and Christian poet), Boudewijn Büch Hofjes (after a well-known Dutch writer and boylover), Gerard Reve Hofjes (after perhaps the best-known contemporary Dutch writer and boylover), Jef Last Hofjes (after the Dutch poet, socialist activist, and boylover; see OK 73), Gerrit Achterberg Hofjes (after the perhaps best-known Dutch poet, who wrote "This is the girl, sixteen years old / These are her breasts, take a hold"), and Martinus Nij Hoffjes (after the perhaps second-best-known Dutch poet Martinus Nijhoff, who wrote a disgusting poem called "Florentine Portrait of a Boy", celebrating the beauty of a boy).

source: 'Scraps from OK 77'; OK Magazine, no. 77; May 2001