Sentences for some sex offenders defy reason

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Freddie Q., now 51 and with no prior criminal record, is currently in his fourth year in federal prison serving a six-year sentence as a sex offender. In reality, he's serving a life sentence, because his restrictions on freedom do not end with his release. Freddie will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, severely restricting residency and employment opportunities to where it will be nearly impossible for him to find a job or a place to live other than in the bushes or under a bridge. Potential landlords and employers will have access to his record which will render him homeless and unemployable. He cannot live with friends or family because all their houses are within the restricted limits of schools, parks, libraries and so forth.

Freddie's crime? While in the privacy of his home, he downloaded a child porn site on-line which was electronically traced by authorities. [...] Freddie may have deserved legal censure of some kind, but this breach of human rights is utterly brutal. Not only is the justice system failing to rehabilitate, it is destroying a man's life and his pursuit of happiness beyond serving a prison sentence.

source: Article 'Sentences for some sex offenders defy reason' by Marshall Frank (author and retired police captain);; Florida Today; 20 March 2016