Sex offender or teenage jerk?

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The "Free Range Kids" blog talks about the insanity of sex-offender registries, citing the case of two fourteen year olds who sat on some other kids' heads and are now on the registry. For the rest of their lives, they'll have to register with the police four times a year, turn off their lights during Hallowe'en, live a set distance from bus-stops, schools and libraries and every potential employer will know that these people are on a list of "sexual predators" but will not know why. What's more, these kids' neighbours will be forever terrified to know that "predators" are in their neighbourhoods. Kids as young as 13 have been added to these permanent blacklists, as have people whose "sex offense" was urinating in public or other minor offenses.

source: Article 'Sex Offender or Teenage Jerk?';; Milkboys; 24 July 2011