Sex vs. violence: where morality is backasswards

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By: 28

Hi All,

After the last presidential election in the U.S., analysts opined that the difference in the margin of victory Bush enjoyed over Kerry was to be found in the fight over values and morality. People wanted a president who espoused "Traditional" Judeo/Christian values (as opposed to the ones found in the Bible as it turns out:) and so the right winged fundamentalists voted Republican in great numbers. But, just what values did they vote for? What values did they reject? And what does it all mean for our community? I believe that one slice of this paradigm can be reasonably seen as people choosing to beatify violence over love; Barabbas over Christ.

It is common for pedosexuals to have mixed, or even negative feelings concerning their attractions. After all, every message we receive about having these attractions from the superculture (TM Sibelius) is negative. The media almost always sprinkle stories concerning our orientation with pejorative terms such as "abuser", "dirty little secret", "perverse", "perverted", "abnormal", and "sick". In addition, they have this very annoying habit of using the terms "pedophile" and "child molester" interchangably, as if they were synonyms. They seem to think that there are no normal, loving, caring people who are attracted to the beauty of little girls. Well, as we all know, they couldn't be more wrong.

Of course the media, which constantly reinforces the myth of "Every Pedophile is, or will be, an abuser" are nothing more, than the voice of big business speaking to an increasingly insane society. This is a culture that allows its children to view, enjoy, and to partake vicariously, of the most violent video games, movies, books (including comics) and television. The content found therein can be sickeningly violent yet the most anyone does is frown a little. But, if there is a penis, vagina, or another of the so-called "private" parts (read sex organs), then they become absolutely mad with outrage. It is not illegal to have pictures of dead children, aborted fetus's, or torture on your hard drive. But, if you have anything even mildly erotic involving a little girl (or boy), then your whole life can be ruined and you can be sent to prison for a much longer period of time than if you actually beat up a child! This is INSANITY in the extreme, yet it is the choice made by the electorate. Our society frowns a little at graphic violence, but becomes barbaric to the point of madness when it comes to juvenile sexuality.

While the so-called "good guys" join the military, learn martial arts, and look for ways to express their aggressive nature, we "perverts" look for ways to mainifest our appreciation for the soft, sweet beauty of little girls. The only reason the majority are considered the "good guys" is because they have overwhelming numbers who believe as they do. Too often, good and evil are merely terms used to describe the sensibilities of the majority, for it is they who write the definitions, and they who enforce their will via legal codification. To them, looking at a picture of a child exploring her sexuality is bad, but bombing the hell out of them in a war is patriotic. This attitude stands logic on it's head.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I will NOT allow the insanity of the majority to define my character. Most Child Lovers and Hebephiles I have met are ethical people who hold the ones they love in the highest regard. Despite societies' determination to both demonized and dehumanize those of us who are attracted to childhood and youth, a sense of moral behavior and genuine concern for girls coexists equally with our better known, and much despised sexual feelings. Our desire for intimacy cohabits in our psyche, with overwhelming concern for the health and well being of the children we love. Real Pedophiles (and Hebephiles), as opposed to situational child molesters, most often will place the wants and needs of the child (or teen) they love, above those of their own. We are Child Lovers because we love children. The problem society has with this, is that we want to love them in all ways, not just from a distance.

A microcosm of the prevailing societal attitude, which places a greater penalty for looking at pictures of a naked child, than it does for physically assaulting one, is the situation in prisons today. In prison, a man who is convicted of engaging in sexual activity with a child, or even of looking at pictures of someone else doing it, is ranked lower on the social ladder than is the brutal murderer. This, I believe, is illustrative of the attitude of society in general. Violent behavior gets a frown, while sexual behavior invokes disgust and outrage. When Father Geoghen was brutally tortured and killed by a murderer serving life in prison, to whom was most of the disgust directed? Why was a man convicted of sexual offenses against children allowed to come into contact with this animal? Simply put, those who have sex with children are lower than murderers, and the state does not really care if they are abused or killed. Remember, violence gets a frown while sex gets the ax.

Child Lovers and Hebephiles cannot be fairly judged based on feelings, thoughts, or our attractions. These are things that WE own, not society. The only judgement that can be legitimately placed upon us is for our behavior. Although we pedophiles live life walking on the edge of a razor blade, we can, and often do, use our attractions to do good works. No one cares more about a child who is sad, needs a shoulder to cry on, or just wants a little attention, than we do. Those whose world revolves around childhood can function in that world effortlessly and without being condescending or patronizing. Much of the reason children love and trust us, is because of this aspect of our character. Perhaps the primary reason that they are attracted to us is that we genuinely care about them, and are comfortable enough with them to show it. We are good for kids and should hold our heads up high. And most importantly, the majority of us are sane enough to know that violence is MUCH worse for children than is playful, intimate, sexual exploration.

28 - who believes that feeling and showing love for children, is the most noble and life affirming emotion that can be exhibited by our species. Violence, on the other hand, is both destructive and ignoble. Society has it backwards.

source: Article 'Sex vs. Violence: Where Morality is Backasswards' by '28'; Source unknown' 2006