Sixteen is age of consent

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The New Zealand Parliament has voted to accept 16 as the proposed age of consent for homosexual acts, according to the Body Politic. The vote came at the end of consideration of amendments to the Crimes Act, part of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill. The provision still must pass a vote on the third reading for the entire bill be become law. Opponents joined supporters in voting against the compromise ages of 20 18, and 17 for anal intercourse only. The opponents, while being consistent in their opposition, were also clearly trying to have the most liberal measure adopted. The only major amendment accepted excludes the Armed Forces from coverage by the Reform Bill, thus allowing continued use of provisions of the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971, which allows sentences of up to three years in prison for gay sex.

source: 'Sixteen is age of consent'; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 7, n. 7; September 1986; Reprinted from Gay Community; 20 July 1986