So uh, are we ever going to see 'Borderlands 3' out of Gearbox

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But in an explosive counter-suit revealed yesterday, Callender [Gearbox is currently suing its former lawyer, Wade Callender; Gearbox is a game producing company producing the Borderlands games] is firing back at [Randy] Pitchford [CEO of Gearbox] directly, saying that he paid himself a secret $12 million bonus from company cash, and taking things to an entirely new level, he accuses Pitchford of having child pornography on a USB drive and hosting parties where adults exposed themselves to minors. Bizarrely, Pitchford himself has previously confirmed the existence of the pornography on the USB drive, though not that its participants were underage. Gearbox also disputes all these other charges, calling them "absurd."

source: Article 'So Uh, Are We Ever Going To See 'Borderlands 3' Out Of Gearbox?' by Paul Tassi;; Forbes; 12 January 2019