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  • Baurmann (1983): 8058 reports of sexual assault; 10-15% boys under 14 years. Interviews, questionnaires, follow-ups 6-10 years later, and four separate psychodiagnostic tests failed to determine any injury.
  • Finkelhor (1979): 796 college students surveyed: 62% of boys said experience was non-negative or positive, 34% girls. Boys were more likely than girls to cite interest and pleasure as the reactions they had to the experiences at the time.
  • Goldman (1985): 991 students at La Trobe University, Melbourne: using Finkelhor's survey found 70% of boys had no negative reactions; 32% girls. Also, 86% of boys stated that no force or threat of force was used; 42% girls.
  • Sandfort (1984): Survey of 25 boys in sexual relationships with adult men. Negative responses were negligable and the sexual contacts had no negative influence upon the general sense of well-being of the boys.
  • Landis (1956): Survey of 500 college students: 81% said no damage had resulted from experiences as boys with adults.
  • Wilson (1981): "The Man They Called A Monster": more than 2000 'victims' of sexual contact with Clarence Osborne, none of whom complained to the police even after Osborne's death; some even cried when they heard of his death.
  • Virkunnen (1975): "In many cases the child was a willing partner and the adult was gentle, fond of children and benevolent." (Brit. J. Criminol, Vol 15, #2, Apr 75).
  • Rasmussen (1936): No evidence whatever of lasting damage.
  • Lempp (1968): No lasting damage (Germany).
  • Burton (1968): No lasting damage (England).
  • Dominican Friar Ingram (1979): No lasting damage (England).
  • Bernard (1972): No lasting damage (Netherlands).
  • Corstjens (1975): No lasting damage (Netherlands).
  • Tindall (1978): No lasting damage (USA).

Also: Professor Schorsch and Professor Kerscher in West Germany, Dr. Hauptmann in Austria, Professor Graven in Switzerland, the Government Committee, presided over by Judge Kjellin in Sweden, agreed unanimously: 'no proof of lasting harm from consensual adult/child sexual relationships. Damage is secondary (police/parental intervention)'.

source: Overview 'Researchers' send by BLAZE (Australia) to Martijn; 10 November 1987