Summer of love: the romance a teenage camper couldn't have today

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[Judith Levine, author of Harmful to Minors:] In 1967, the summer before my 15th birthday, I fell in love. It was my first intense erotic love, and its object was the photography counselor at camp - a lean, bearded, blue-eyed guy I'll call Jake. He was 26. Nothing sexual happened. Still, I think of those two months as the summer of my épanouissement, a French word meaning blossoming or opening, which also means glow. Jake took hundreds of pictures of me, and his affirmation and his camera opened me to myself. They helped me begin, sexually, to glow.

source: Article 'Summer of Love: The Romance a Teenage Camper Couldn't Have Today' by Judith Levine;; Village Voice; 2 July 2002