Terry Gilliam Tideland interview

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[Terry Gilliam, film director:] What I try to encourage the audience to go when they see it, is to try to look as a child again. Be as innocent as a child and not have the kind of moral ideas and moral prejudices... The problems we get older; the world closes in. We get more simple in the way we look at the world, I really do think. And a child, every day is new. You don't know what the world is yet, so you just respond to it and you try to survive and try to make it more wonderful than it really is. [...]

She [Jodelle Ferland] seemed to understand everything, but also she's a child, you know. She would, for one minute, she'd be nine years old, and the next minute she'd be nineteen tears old. And that's what I mean about surprising me, she always surprised me. She got the wig on, the blond wig, she's putting lipstick on; I'm looking at a nineteen year old girl. And I know for a lot of men in the audience, this is disturbing because you're not supposed to feel sexual attraction towards a nine and a half year old girl, but she looks like a nineteen year old girl. I'm feeling: oh she's sexy, she's good looking. And some men find that really disturbing and they get angry, because they don't want to admit that they're feeling those sensations, but that's the reality.

source: Transcript from 'Terry Gilliam Tideland Interview'; www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUy9sQqTbUM; Youtube; Published on Youtube: 20 August 2006