The Unicorn

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My first statement is that I want to dispel the image that a child is an "innocent little puppy dog". Children have plenty of knowledge about life, the universe and everything. But adults tend not to listen to their children. This "innocent puppy" syndrome represses the child's social, sexual, political, economical, and emotional desires. Children are not taken seriously and are expected to conform to a society in which they can't question its validity. This has got to stop! [...]

A child is a sexual being. Therefore, children should have the right to explore any aspect of sexuality they desire to engage in. Why do parents, politicians, and police (the 3 p's) feed guilt into children that are sexually active? [...] Many people have been destroyed because of intergenerational relationships, people who could offer the world a lot if they had just not been persecuted for being different. Burning witches is a pastime which is just regaining popularity in the States.

source: Column 'The Unicorn (first column)' by an 11-year-old faggot; Boys speak out on man/boy love; NAMBLA; fourth edition; July 1996; published before in NAMBLA Bulletin vol. 4 no. 10; December 1983