The age taboo or how homosexuality went blunt

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What happened was fateful and would change the gay movement up to this day. Because the gay movement didn't, as one would have expected, defend this form of homosexuality [pederasty], realizing the attack on it was an attack on homosexuality itself. The gay movement didn't condemn this attack of the SS [straight society]. It didn't continue to fight for human rights. It didn't even remain indifferent - it joined forces with the SS and started to condemn its own actions! The decline of homosexuality had started. [...]

NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Love association] was kicked out of ILGA, an organization that previously used to advocate the abolishment of age-of-consent laws. [...] The gay movement was aware of this, but it had given up and chosen side - it wanted to become straight. The homosexual man had chosen to be wallowing in humiliation under the Straight Man, whom he adored, but who sure as hell hated him anyway.

source: Article 'The age taboo or how homosexuality went blunt' by Karl Andersson (in parts based on David Thorstad's article 'Man/Boy Love and the American Movement' published in 'Male Intergenerational Intimacy, New York 1991); Destroyer #1; May 2006