The mindscape of Alan Moore

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In the 90s I [Alan Moore, comic books writer] met up with Melinda Gebbie and we decided that we'd like to work upon a major piece of erotic fiction together, which has resulted in the forthcoming Lost Girls. And this entire drama is being played out against the background of Europe and specifically Austria in 1913, when everything is gearing up towards the exact anti-thesis of sex.

It's gearing up towards what humans do when they don't put their energies into sex. Which is kill each other. That the healthy sexual drive that is seizing most young men when they're in their teens is perverted by older men, who perhaps have lost some of their sexual drive and all of that sexual energy gets shipped over to somewhere like Flanders and is perverted into killing other young men. Energy that should be going into something honest like fucking is instead diverted into something appalling like killing.

There is a brain-penis-blood ratio that tends to get in the way of writing intelligent pornography. If it becomes too intelligent all the blood rushes through your brain, you loose your erection. If it becomes too sexually exciting you are no longer in any state to appreciate it's aesthetic value. It is a difficult balancing act.

source: From the documentary 'The Mindscape of Alan Moore';; Shadowsnake Ltd.; Documentary from: 2005